I spend hours every month on the reddit for bed bugs answering questions and hearing what people are worrying about regarding bed bugs. So I decided to summarize some of the topics that we've discussed and my thoughts on them here. If you have any other suggested topics, feel free to contact me

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Paris Bed Bug Panic: Real or Hype?

With several large events happening in France such as the Olympics in 2024, many people are wondering whether Paris is really under a bed bug invasion and if it's safe to travel there.

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Bed Bug Holiday

How to keep safe and protect others from bed bugs while traveling or hosting during the holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the responses to several commonly asked questions about bed bugs and treatments

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Tools for Fighting Bed Bugs

We have several tools available to us in our arsenal with which we can beat the bugs. This list will describe each one and explain how they are used.

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